So You Want to Be Coached?

The previous post discussed the points for a coach to determine if they are ready to coach. So it’s only fair to have another five questions for the person to be coached. There are five questions to uncover your readiness to be coached and accept improvement and change. Here are the five questions for you […]

So You Want to Coach Someone?

I’m often told by others that they want to coach others. So I ask them why they want to coach? I do this because the coach has a great responsibility to the people they are coaching. Since coaching is all about assisting another person to improve their performance or to fine tune their abilities or […]

Experienced Coaches Give You More Insights

I am often asked a question about “How Important is Experience in Coaching?” Well, the answer is all about what insights you are looking for from your coach. My belief is the more experience a coach has in their respective field, the better the potential information I will learn from the coach. Too often I […]

Arrogance Can be Unlearned

Overcoming arrogance can be a very difficult task for many people. This is due to their high need for structure and order in their lives. Sometimes this trait shows up in a very strong religious attitude or need. Again, the structure and order placed upon individuals by some religious groups can be strong and binding […]

Purpose of Coaching is Performance Improvement

Several people have asked me about coaching and specifically what is the real purpose of coaching an individual? I find it a perplexing question because if a person did any sports activities they would have had a coach at some point. My first experience with a coach came in the junior high days – middle […]

Coaching is Performance Improvement

One of the major challenges for leaders is how to develop their people. Development is all about improvement in someone’s performance. Unfortunately, most leaders don’t know how to do this core function of leadership. Fortunately, it is easy to learn – given a desire to coach and improve others. Coaching is a key skill for […]