InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc. has been training and developing individuals and teams since 1988. Working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small regional companies, we have guided these teams and individuals to higher levels of success.

Working with real companies with real issues and challenges has allowed us to learn what is really important to growing and developing our clients. Regarding the importance of training and development  including coaching), it is a top priority of successful organizations. However, the execution of development comes in various sizes, shapes and delivery.

Knowledge is still getting the top billing in training – rather than the development of people leading to true competitive advantage in the marketplace. We have learned that “training events” have a low level of success. The top organizations use process development consisting of shorter- single topic- sessions with a progression over an extended period of time. This practice leads to significant gains in sales success.

“Getting You to the Next Level” is more than a phrase – it’s the founding principle of our organization. It is the reason we can still get excited about helping a group of people achieve more than they could dream doing. Our experience with  individuals shows the “winner’s edge” starts with the mental mindset they possess. Winners have a competitive edge over others with the same level of skills. This is the foundation of success – the “inner game”.