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By : July 11, 2009

Yes, the purpose of having a coach is to help you think differently. New thoughts or a new way to think about issues allows for learning at the highest levels. Self discovery of the answers to either an old or new problem is the way of the winner. Are you using a coach? Are you learning new things or ways to handle old problems?

Good coaches know how to ask the right questions to help you discover the new answers to any type of problem, issue, challenge or opportunity. A good coach is usually a generalist in pure knowledge or has years of experience – applying knowledge in different situations. Thus, the experience is practical rather than conceptual. Beware of the ivory tower type of coach who tells you everything. These people have not necessarily been on the field of play in any capacity. Some get degrees and teach, some get certified (without any practical knowledge) and others are just looking for work and become a “coach.”

When you are looking for a coach to help you or your team get to the next level, look for people who have been real experience. And, while experience is a good thing, good to great performance is more important. So, if you are looking for sales coaching find someone with sales experience. If you are looking for a management or leadership coach, find someone who has been running a company for many years.

Use a coach to learn to think about things differently, with greater clarity and with a focus upon results. Getting results is still the real game. Getting results is the key to people noticing who you are and what you do. When you do things very well, others want to work with you because you are one of the best.

Even the great Tiger Woods has a coach to remind him of the right ways to approach the game of golf – including the basic swing mechanics. This is the number one golfer in the world AND HE HAS A COACH.

Do you have a coach who can get you to the next level? Are you an expert at everything you do? Is there something that you want to do better, yet, are not sure how to do it? Are you technically outstanding – with people skills that hinder your success? You can improve – if you want to improve.

If you are looking for a good business coach, there are good ones available. We have been coaching executives, fast trackers, sales managers and sales people for over a decade with outstanding results. At one company, we have the reputation of the “promoters” since we got so many people promoted using our processes. Can me at 901-757-4434 and set up a time to discuss what you want to improve.

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