Purpose of Coaching is Performance Improvement

By : July 16, 2009

Several people have asked me about coaching and specifically what is the real purpose of coaching an individual? I find it a perplexing question because if a person did any sports activities they would have had a coach at some point. My first experience with a coach came in the junior high days – middle school today. My coach was an outstanding individual who helped establish a sense of purpose and a drive for excellence.

In today’s world, a coach plays the same role, abreit, somewhat different purposes or content specialty. The coach role is to provide a catalyst for excellence and improvement in performance. It can be goal bounded, performance based and time sensitive.

For coaching to work properly for the coachee – it must be goal, process and passion driven.

Goal driven is about time lines and reasons. What factors are in play for the coaching to occur? What positive and negatives motivators are present? And what reasons does the coachee have for taking the time and resources to be coached? Goals create the objectives and time-lines for expectations and results.

Process driven means that the system or methods used are flexible based upon the current levels of knowledge, understanding, and experience possessed by the coachee. There must be a level of interaction between the coach and coachee to facilitate the learning and understanding. Experts who can only tell of their experiences or expectations are not necessarily good coaches – I call them “wizards.” Wizards usually do all the work and take the blame or credit for success or failure.

Passion driven is the “want it factor.” People with the passion to improve, a will to learn and a strong need to improve – usually get things done. People without this drive usually give up before the success and understanding comes to them. This is a key component for success in any coaching environment. The old cliche reminds us of this – “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Watch for these three core elements to be present in any coaching opportunity. Effective coaching is our goal with clients. Determine the objectives, uncover the reasons for improvement, and check the readiness of the coachee to learn, dedicate their focus and persuade the expertise from their point of view.

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